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Sales price 1313 €

Sku: 26.11

Dimensions: 80 X 50 X 125 H cm

Weight: 60 kg

Material: Reconstituted marble

Author: Mirón de Eleuteras

References: M.J. Almagro, Museo de Reproducciones Artísticas : Catálogo del arte clásico, Madrid, Dirección General de Bellas Artes y Archivos, Subdirección General de Museos, 2000, n. 64, p. 89.

Price: 1313 €

Description: Roman copy of a Greek original from the 450 B.C. The original statue, in marble, comes from the Towley collection and is a Roman forgery of the work of Miron copy, for the head of this goes in the opposite direction to the original. The original sculpture belongs to the British Museum in London.


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